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Whether through my CLASSES and COACHING or my many OTHER ENDEAVORS, I have a years-long track record of creation, innovation, making things happen, pulling rabbits out of hats (not magically, of course, but figuratively), and generally facilitating and helping people and situations achieve maximum potential.

If you have a “lost cause” I may very well be able to help you find new wind for it. OVER TIME I’VE LEARNED, sometimes begrudgingly, that I naturally HAVE A KNACK FOR SEEING WHAT IS, VS. WHAT IS PURPORTED, FINDING THE TRUTH AT IT’S CORE, AND BRINGING IT OUT.

Are you looking for acting workshops New to the business, or experienced but frustrated?  You’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for my business endeavors, what I do — sales, production management, business development, consulting, casting, wine sales and education, photography, etc., have a look at the Other Business menu.  


Rob Patterson is a great actor who understands the power of being on stage, of being present, of being a team player, of connecting and connections. That would be enough, except he knows how to articulate that understanding simply, directly and professionally. THAT’S what makes a great teacher! Rock on, sir.”
~ David Razowsky, Master Improvisor, Teacher, and Former/ Recent Artistic Director of Second City, LA

“Rob Patterson’s energy, good humor and positive evergy is intoxicating!”
~ Gary Graham, Actor/ Musician/ Author, ACTING AND OTHER FLYING LESSONS

“Rob is a very warm and patient coach. He builds the self-esteem and confidence of the students he works with. Rob is a great improv artist and generous actor. He is excellent with dialects. I’m impressed with the range of characters that Rob has created on stage.”
~ Carlyne Grager, Owner-Dramatic Artists Agency, LA and Seattle


“As a former actress and Miss World, I had the pleasure of being inspired by Rob Patterson’s gift of providing deep insight with his artistic technique and method in training actors. Rob has established himself as one of entertainment industry`s super talented stage and film actors, providing him with the ability to share his talent as an acting coach. Being increasingly sought after by students [who] draw on Rob’s wisdom and to absorb his talent, Rob has dedicated his career so other actors can hone in on his highly successful approach that emphasizes his students rely on their own instincts and imagination. Rob is simply a wonderful actor and a fabulous teacher…
~ Eva Kovacs, Actress/ Former Miss World/ Model/ Author/ Pilates Expert

“Rob is one of the most talented directors and teachers that I’ve worked with thus far! He’s extremely knowledgable on the craft and teaches in a way that is extremely clear and helpful! The best part about working with Rob is that he can meet you on any level, whether it is beginner or advanced. He’s extremely personable, sweet as can be, and knows his stuff! Without Rob Patterson, I would in no way be the actress I am today! Thank you Rob for helping me develop into a well-rounded and diverse actress!
~Alison Forsythe, Actor/ Singer/ Dancer/ Model (LA)

 “Rob Patterson’s overall approach to acting, whether it be as an instructor or actor, is honest and insightful. The true emotion he brings to a role and motivation that he gives others encourages you to be the best actor you can be as well as giving you the freedom to discover yourself in whatever role that you play.”
~ Loren Cross, Actor/Choreographer/ Entrepreneur 

Rob is, at all times, positive, respectful, clear, and inclusive of other people’s ideas…important traits in any successful teacher or director.
~ Briton Green Actor (LA)

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